Michael Schoeff and his involvement in NRS

Michael Schoeff ‘s investment in Keystone Freight

Michael Schoeff’s involvement with the NRS-owned Keystone Freight began in 2015 with the purchase of two brand new Kenworth rigs. The trucks were leased to Keystone and put to good use. In the first year of operations, the trucks carried 450,000 miles worth of cargo.In late 2016, Michael Schoeff decided to acquire new trailers and have greater autonomy in running freight. Shortly thereafter, Michael Schoeff decided to add a new team member that took over the management of Semi trucks. Michael Schoeff has entrusted the new manager to grow exponentially as we move into 2018. In November 2017, Michael Schoeff decided to add a new truck, thus giving the year 2018 a whole lot of perspective in growing.

Let’s see what NRS have to say about the company that Michael Schoeff has invested in:

The Owner of NRS: “Many of our customers have been with us for many years. When I started back in 1983, I can name some of those big box retailers that we were doing business with back in the 80s, and who we continue to do business with today. The people really make the company what it is today, whether it's the drivers or the dock workers, we do a lot of things for customers that other truckers don't want to do. We get the merchandise year-round.”

John Tempesta, Vice President of Distribution: “What makes National Retail systems a great company is its people and infrastructure, it’s our culture, it’s everything that you need to make a company great. We're a family-owned company that responds quickly. I've been with a lot of large companies where you had bureaucracy and it took forever to make a decision. None of that exists here at NRS. We have retailers that have been with NRS for an unbelievable amount of time. That says something about the service and we don't give those details any opportunity to even think about making a change. I just joined this new retailer. We had close to 300 trailers in the street. The police were gonna close us down, and I called NRS. Not exaggerating on this, I got a call back that afternoon. “John here's your trailer parking here's your address. We already have security that you can stop moving trailers over there. I'll tell you a story.

The Owner of NRS: “I just heard it's happened on Tuesday. A retailer that probably has over a thousand stores and every mall in the country. I can't get it there can you help us Walden? We place trailers for them to be loaded in and moved.”

Robert Phan, Business Director: “New York New and Jersey, we have over 1 million square feet of warehouse space 4 miles from Manhattan and close proximity to the New York and New Jersey ports. We provide consolidation, deconsolidation, Transworld distribution, value-added services, DC bypass picking pack dredge from the ports, LTL load store deliveries vendor pickups

The Owner of NRS: “Savannah is a very efficient port. I did a tour on it about six months ago and it was an amazing tour because when you look at the efficiencies that they have Savannah you can get a container in and at the port in 37 minutes, and you know our facility is about three miles away from the port. We've been out in California probably since around 1985, started off small LTL store deliveries and then we just kept on expanding. You know.. We're looking at about a million square feet over six buildings. We've actually taken over a city block, a network of buildings that are connected by a dedicated street, a secure street that runs trucks up and down. We do consolidation and deconsolidation for major retailers and vendors also. We handled the Dre from LA and Long Beach and we do roughly 30,000 containers a year.

Greg Cole, VP Information Systems: “NRS has always been a leader in technology and part of that is the way the company is handled. Let's get the latest technology out there, let's be their first guy on the block. We had trailblazing technology that wasn't quite out there yet, we were the first to bring out certain things that involves internal system communication before the internet optical recognition.

John Tempesta, Vice President of Distribution: I literally get a report card every day from just about every customer they can track, every single carton from the time it's available at the time it leaves, and believe me these report cards are distributed to everybody. I think when I go home, even my wife probably knows how I did from the day before.

The Owner of NRS: We are definitely, without a doubt, the best at customized solutions and that's what we really excel in. We have iTrack, which has different solutions for different customers, and they can see what they want to see when they need a new field. For example, yesterday we got an email: “Can we see the last free day on a container?”

John Tempesta, Vice President of Distribution: We had a major retailer that came to us. I remember distinctly it was right around Memorial Day and they needed a huge distribution center ready to be opened and processing by the beginning of August. Pretty much of a Herculean task and without question we never fail. We always get it done. I can say without qualification there isn't anything in the world of supply chain or logistics that we're not performing for a major retailer today. We pride ourselves on being able to handle any challenge.

The Owner of NRS: It's all about the people. It's about the people behind the company and I'm one of those people. I've been here 31 years very happy. Hopefully I'll have another 31 years with the company and I'm proud to work for national retail system